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Tree Root Removal - Derooting Process

Tree Root Removal Derooting  Process

Are your drains slow? Hearing weird noises in your pipes when you flush the toilet? This could mean you have tree roots in your sewer line. This can be a real problem needing urgent attention before it causes major damage and a very expensive repair bill. Call All Drains Services to diagnose and repair the problem.

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Tree roots love sewer lines

Tree roots can’t get enough of sewer lines. They’re drawn to them for water and nutrients, and if there are cracks in the sewer line, they’ll find a way in. It’s important to note that tree roots aren’t the real cause of clogged sewer lines. They then force their way in via these holes and cracks in order to get at water and nutrients. Once they’re inside the sewer line, they start to grow. Soon, your drains won’t empty as quickly as they once did. If you don’t fix the problem right away the tree roots could eventually break the pipe.